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Hydrovac excavation is the premier method of non-destructive ground disturbance. It works by using high pressure water to loosen soils and a powerful vacuum system to remove the resultant slurry into a truck mounted tank unit for disposal.

Our services are used by utility, construction, and oil & gas companies to safely locate underground utilities and structures. Locating and exposing utilities prior to excavation is the first step to promoting safety in earthworks.


Dewatering & Jetting

Material Disposal


Trenching, exposing utilities, daylighting, sensitive digs, drill support, and more. Our fleet of industry-leading hydrovac trucks can do it all.


Established in 2014, Inertia Environmental set out to change the local construction services game. Offering clients industry leading technology, experienced operators, and unmatched customer service, Inertia pushed the boundaries of what a hydrovac company could be.

Tablets were introduced in all Inertia trucks in 2016. Using in-house built applications, Inertia began providing customers with data-driven job summaries and unmatched project detail.

2018 brought about changes in hydrovac technology that Inertia quickly invested in. New lightweight hydrovacs allowed Inertia trucks to legally carry nearly double the material that previous models could haul. This investment helped to save customers money by reducing the amount of time spent dumping.

Inertia constructed and opened their Alberta Environment Approved hydrovac slurry disposal facility in 2019. This facility separates and recycles hydrovac slurry. The disposal facility is located inside Inertia's shop, significantly reducing turn-around time between loads, and responsibly handling hydrovac slurry.

Inertia has come a long ways from where it started but this is just the beginning of where it's going.


"The experience level of their operators makes my job easier. I show them what I need and they get it done. I'm able to continue working with my crews to keep up production and not have to worry."

-Bryan, Northstar Contracting

We are committed to providing the most efficient and effective hydrovac services on the market and this starts with top-of-line equipment. With all of our new Tornado F4 Ecolite hydrovacs, customers can expect to receive unmatched efficiencies, with trucks hauling up to 10,000+ kg per load.


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