Hydrovac Services Projects

Exposing Utilities

Exposing utilities is a core service provided by Inertia Hydrovac. Our experienced operators locate markings along with customer communication to properly uncover underground utilities. The process may seem simple, but it is important to dig the hole at the proper dimensions to limit ground sloughing and ensure the utility is easily visible and accessible. Our high capacity hydrovac trucks allow for multiple deep locates to fit in one load. Spend less time waiting for utilities to be exposed and more time getting to work.


Trenching may seem like a straight-forward project, but it takes experienced operators to cut trenches that are straight, fast, and safe. Our operators are famous for cutting the best trenches in town. We save you time and money by providing the most efficient per/kg trenching service. Give us a try for your next cable replacement, and we will show you how we can dig 30,000 kg of material on a regular business day.

Inertia Hydrovac Projects
Inertia Hydrovac Projects

Bell Holes

A bell hole is an excavation around a pipeline or valve for the purpose of inspecting, fixing, or changing the infrastructure. We regularly dig bell holes for the purpose of workers going in the hole to fix the pipe. Ensuring that the hole is properly sloped or stepped and that rocks do not fall from the walls of the hole onto the pipe/valve are the most important factors in digging a safe hole. Our crews have the experience and expertise to dig these holes to customer specs while protecting all the infrastructure below the surface.

Drill Support

Drill support involves hydrovacing a pit at one or both ends of the drill shot to get a visual on the drill head as it reaches its destination. We work with the drilling company during the drill shot to suck up any drilling fluid, expose utilities along the route, and clean off the drill bit to tie on the conduit.

Inertia Hydrovac Projects
Inertia Hydrovac Projects

Pole and Anchor Installation

Using a hydrovac to dig power pole and anchor holes reduces the need to use augers and significantly reduces the risk of damaging underground structures and utilities. Often power poles are placed in the same location when they are being changed out as part of a maintenance program. By using a hydrovac to first ‘knife’ around the existing pole and then adjust the hole to the dimensions of the new pole, you reduce ground disturbance and backfill material required. Inertia has worked on thousands of pole and anchor replacements/installs in Alberta.