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Material Disposal

Alberta Environment Approved Hydrovac Slurry Disposal Facility

Hydrovac Slurry Processing Facility

Our in-house hydrovac slurry processing facility accepts clean hydrovac slurry and separates it into three elements. The facility separates slurry into clean rock, soil, and water using revolutionary mechanical separation techniques. At most disposal locations, hydrovac slurry is mixed with dry material (often sawdust) and then taken to a landfill. This causes unnecessary crowding of landfills and is not the most responsible way to handle the material. Inertia’s proprietary design washes the rock to produce cleaned aggregate material that can be reused and stays out of the landfill. The remaining mud mixture is then separated into clean water and soil and handled under Alberta Environment guidelines.

Material Tracking

Every kilogram of hydrovac slurry material that enters or leaves our facility is tracked and recorded to provide traceability and total transparency. If a specific load is in question, we can pull the hydrovac disposal ticket and provide information on exactly when it was dumped and what the total weight of the load was. Samples are taken from each worksite to ensure that a record of the load is retained, and any hydrocarbon or pH testing can be completed.

Material Tracking

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is at the core of Inertia’s hydrovac processing facility. Running completely on electricity, the facility is emission-free. Our responsible handling of hydrovac slurry eliminates run-off into waterways resulting from improper (and illegal) disposal of hydrovac material on private land. Working with Alberta Environment, our facility is fully approved and meets all containment, testing, and material handling requirements of Alberta Environment.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the responsibility to ensure that hydrovac material is dumped at an Alberta Environment approved facility falls on the waste generator (i.e. the company/individual that we are providing services for). This makes it crucial to understand where your hydrovac material is being disposed of when it leaves the site. Inertia’s complete material transparency allows customers to see where, when, and how their material is processed. Call our dispatch line at (587) 757-1000 to schedule a tour of the facility!

To learn more about hydrovac slurry facility requirements in Alberta visit:

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