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Data Driven Performance


Safety at Inertia starts with training. Our crews are trained to be prepared for any job and any site situation.

Crews are trained in:

  • Ground Disturbance

  • First Aid

  • Fall Protection

  • Confined Space

  • H2S Alive 

  • Hazardous Electrical Training

  • Equipotential Bonding

  • Various internal and customer specific programs

Data Driven Performance

At Inertia, our safety program speaks for itself. With no lost-time injuries in the company's history, we pride ourselves on successfully translating our written safety program into an effective on-site program.

Our data driven approach allows transparency to our customers about our safety statistics through our list of trusted compliance partners.

Digital hazard assessments allow for ease of customization and sign-off. These are sent to the customer immediately following the completion of the job, via the Daily Paperwork PDF.

Hydrovac safety program

Site Safety

Continuous improvement is at the heart of an effective safety culture.

At Inertia Hydrovac we commit time and resources to perform on site safety inspections. Both managers and workers perform the inspections to get different perspectives about the site.

Setting up site properly is one of the leading factors to a successful job site. Our crews ensure worksite signs, pylons, and caution tape are in place to warn and protect the public whenever possible.




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