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At Inertia Hydrovac, we continually work towards better processes, equipment, and people. By investing in our team, we are investing in providing a better product to our customers on site. Inertia's operator-in-training program develops employees from swampers to operators by enrolling them in their class 3 driver training once they have developed the on-site skills to make them an effective swamper. After completing their driver training, graduates will go through the extensive operator-specific training to prepare them for everything they will see on the job.



Hydrovac Swamper

The role of the hydrovac swamper is to support the operator in all site tasks. The swamper will help to spot the truck, set up and clean up site, as well as help with any digging and dumping requirements. This role is a perfect introduction into the hydrovac industry and is often the first step to becoming an operator.

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Hydrovac Operator

The hydrovac operator is the Inertia supervisor on site and is ultimately responsible for the job. On top of driving the truck to and from site, the operator will be responsible for all digging and truck operation. Operators are leaders at the company and are regularly required to provide direction to swampers.

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