Hydrovac is the premier method of non-destructive ground disturbance. It works by using high pressure water to loosen soils and a powerful vacuum system to remove the resultant slurry.

Industry Leading Trucks

Inertia has invested in the most productive hydrovac trucks on the market. Our new lightweight fleet is able to haul more material that ever before. This translates directly to cost savings for the customer by reducing the number of dumps that are required to get a job done. Where previous models were able to carry ~5,000kg of material, these new F4 Tornado Hydrovacs are able to carry 10,000kg+. The lightweight design has decreased fuel consumption significantly, and helped to reduce Inertia's carbon footprint.

Remote Capabilities

Our hydrovacs have the power to get any job done. These 'big blower' trucks, accompanied with remote hose, can pull material from up to 400 ft away. This allows our crews to access dig locations that would not be possible with other trucks. Got a job that has limited access for trucks? Ask for remote hose next time you order a truck! 

Available when you need us

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our phone line is open 24/7/365 and we have on-call crews ready for emergency calls whenever they come up. We can typically have a truck to your Calgary site within 2 hours of calling. Whether it's a gas leak, pole fire, or water-line break, Inertia will have a truck on your site fast, to help minimize damages.