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Dewatering & Jetting



With extensive experience scoping and dewatering manholes throughout Calgary & area, our crews know the correct procedures to dewater all types of manholes and vaults, making us the preferred choice for dewatering companies in the region. One of the most important factors for these jobs to be successful is communication. Our dispatch team and crews pride themselves on effective communication with customer crews for water removal. Establishing constant communication through the job leads to efficient dewatering to ensure holes are empty before workers enter. Our 24/7 dispatch and large fleet of trucks ensures that we have crews and trucks available whenever unexpected water is discovered.


Our trucks are equipped with varying length reels of jetting line to ensure that blockages in pipes and conduit can be reached and flushed out. The high-pressure pumps and boilers on our trucks get the water hot and moving fast to push through debris and ice, clearing conduit. Once debris is removed, our experienced crews can help to pull tape through using the variety of connections and hose dimensions that are standard on all trucks.


Confined Space Work

Confined Space Work

We have the safety program, equipment and training required to make confined space work simple, and efficient. Tripods, winch systems, fall protection, air monitors, air movement systems, manhole guards, and more all make it possible to get the job done right. Our crews have extensive experience working with unique manhole and tank entry jobs. Unique jobs include the entry and cleaning of Stormceptors, Oil Grit Separators, Oil Water Separators, and Stormwater Interceptors.

Tank Emptying and Cleaning

Between our hydrovac, vac trucks, and combo trucks, all tank emptying, and cleaning projects are possible. Removing sand and gravel from water filtration systems is just one example of the type of services that we can provide. Got sludge in a tank that needs to be removed and then sprayed clean? Our truck boilers will heat water to an optimal temperature, ensuring all sludge and debris is washed off tank walls and removed using the varying dimension of hoses that are standard on all trucks.

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