Dewatering & Jetting

To complement our hydrovac services, Inertia vac and combo trucks can be used to dewater manholes, suck out flooded excavations, unclog conduit, and steam frozen lines.

Confined Space Work

We have the equipment required to get any job done. This photo shows our crew setting up jetting line to unclog conduit in a manhole and help to suck tape through for communications line installation. The crew is set up with a tripod, harness, and winch for confined space safety. Gas monitors and a circulation fan are used to maintain safe air quality levels while in the manhole.


This type of work is standard at Inertia. Our equipment and expertise help save you time and money when it matters most. 

Our crews are trained in Confined Space, Fall Protection, and H2S Alive making them versatile to work in any environment. Whether it is cleaning out tanks or dewatering manholes, our crews have experiencing getting the job done and know how to complete the work with safety as the number one priority.

Unique Jobs

Traffic Control

Our pickup trucks are equipped with traffic control arrows and all of our trucks are permitted to work on Calgary-and-area streets. This saves customers the added complication of booking a traffic control vehicle to work with the vac truck. Inertia is a one-stop-shop for any dewatering, melting, or jetting needs.