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About Inertia Hydrovac

The theme throughout Inertia’s history in the hydrovac space has been continuous improvement. Staying on the leading edge of customer service has lead Inertia to become a leader in hydrovac companies in Calgary.


Tablets were introduced in all Inertia trucks in 2016. Using in-house built applications, Inertia began providing customers with data-driven job summaries and unmatched project detail.


2018 brought about changes in hydrovac technology that Inertia quickly invested in. New lightweight hydrovacs allowed Inertia trucks to legally carry nearly double the material that previous models could haul. This investment helped to control costs for customers by reducing the amount of time spent dumping.

Inertia constructed and opened their Alberta Environment Approved hydrovac slurry disposal facility in 2020. This facility separates and recycles hydrovac slurry. The disposal facility is located inside Inertia's shop, significantly reducing turn-around time between loads, and responsibly handling hydrovac slurry.

Inertia has come a long ways from where it started but this is just the beginning of where it's going.

The Best Hydrovac Trucks

Inertia has invested in the most productive hydrovac trucks on the market and Our new lightweight fleet can haul more material than ever before. This translates directly to cost savings for the customer by reducing the number of dumps required to get a job done. Where previous models could carry ~5,000kg of material, our new F4 Tornado Hydrovacs can carry 10,000kg+. The lightweight design of these efficient hydrovac trucks has decreased fuel consumption significantly and helped reduce Inertia's carbon footprint.



"We are always confident when Inertia is on our sites that safe, efficient, and quality service is being delivered. A culture of safety excellence starts with leadership and Ryan and his team are true leaders."

- Mathew, Standard General



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