Stone Slinger Backfill Services

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slinger and vac.HEIC

Inertia is your one-stop-shop for hydrovac digging and stone slinger backfill services. We will dig the required amount with the hydrovac and then send the slinger truck in to back fill the excavation with whatever type of material is required. By using Inertia's stone slinger backfill service, customers save the time and complexity required to coordinate multiple contractors on site. All of Inertia's operators are already trained to be on site and work effectively with the hydrovac and dispatcher to ensure backfill timing is efficient and organized to complete the job.


Our stone slinger unit can reach up to 40ft and fill even the hardest to reach holes. Combine our remote hose hydrovac with the long arm slinger to dig and backfill difficult-to-reach locations. See the slinger in action below.

Slinger Extended.jpg