Our Hydrovac Trucks

Tough, Reliable, Versatile Trucks

Like our certified techs and work site safety practices, our fleet of over 20 trucks is an essential part of our hydrovac excavation and cleaning services.

We’re proud to use hydrovac trucks built by Tornado and Foremost. We use them because they are safe, powerful and precise. Their versatility and rugged dependability make them ideal for many applications, such as:

  • Precision slot trenching and daylighting of utility lines
  • Cold-weather pipe excavation
  • Heavy-duty washing and steam cleaning
  • Clearing lines of grease and debris
  • Construction site preparation

That built-in dependability ensures that our services will go on, no matter how tough the weather or working conditions.

Powerful and Dependable, Our Trucks Minimize Downtime

We understand that there’s no service unless our trucks are working. Tornado designed our trucks to keep us working in the most difficult jobs and working conditions. Here are some of the capabilities that keep our trucks running:

  • Built to run in all climates. Our trucks are designed to work in different climates and working conditions. There’s no downtime waiting for warm weather or truck repair.
  • Parts stocked in local stores. If DIY services are your style, you can find comprehensive maintenance instructions in our user guide. Or, you can go to one of several Tornado parts vendors in southern Alberta,

The Latest in Hydrovac Technology, Ready for Your Job

Each of our trucks is loaded with features that make your job fast, efficient and safe.

  • Adjustable wand pressure. Operators can get power and control with adjustable line pressure from 0 to 3,000 psi
  • Heavy-duty water heater. When it’s time to thaw pipes or frozen ground, our trucks get the job done with water heat with up to 980,000 BTU.
  • Line boom. Position vacuum and water lines quickly and accurately with a 26-foot-long boom that has a 342-degree swing radius.
  • Positive displacement blower. Use PD blowers to push rather than gather water, debris or soil. This is especially helpful in clearing or preparing construction sites.
  • Wireless remote control. Control truck operations from a significant distance.
  • Dual blower silencers. Cut airborne noise pollution with positive displacement silencers.
  • Centralized grease manifold. Collect and dispose of grease and grime from different parts of your site.
  • Sectioned tank for debris and water. Allowing for quick and efficient disposal of debris.