More than You Expect from a Hydrovac Excavation Company

Let Us Surprise You with Faster, Safer, More Dependable Service

Maybe, you’ve used or thought about using hydrovac excavation and cleaning services on your construction, oilfield or utility site. Maybe, you received (or heard about) less-than-stellar service – showing up late, inexperienced equipment operators or not complying with government or client safety standards.

If you are a site manager or property owner, we have good news. You can reduce the time, costs and risks of onsite excavation and cleaning without putting up with substandard service.

We are Inertia Hydrovac, a hydrovac excavation and cleaning service.   Based out of Calgary, we work with customers throughout Alberta.

Our industrial hydrovac services include:

  • Excavation: daylighting (potholing), slot trenching, digging frozen ground
  • Cleaning and clearing lines: Line thawing, line cleaning (water) and steam cleaning
  • Site clearing: clean and hazardous soil removal

Three Pillars of First-Rate Service

We’ve made a habit of surprising our clients with on-time, safety-conscious service. Our single-minded emphasis on experienced operators, advanced equipment and a safety-first culture seems to be doing the trick. Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Experienced operators. We hire only the most experienced and professional operators. They know how to deliver excellent services as well as work the truck and minimize problems when they do occur.  

Advanced technology and equipment. Our Tornado hydrovac trucks are the basis of our fleet. The most advanced trucks in our industry, the Tornado system is a proven platform for delivering consistent and efficient results.

Adjustable wand pressure, a heavy-duty water heater, positive displacement blower and line boom are just a few of the features that enable our operators to position our equipment, cut through soil and ice and dispose of the slurry quickly and safely.

Safety awareness. Hydrovac equipment offers the advantages of drastically reducing:

  • Health and safety risks to onsite workers and people nearby.
  • Injury to workers.
  • Damage to local infrastructure or the environment.

To these built-in advantages, we add required training and an ongoing safety awareness program, which:

  • Ensure that our operators are brought into the Inertia safety culture.
  • Train operators on relevant safety regulations.
  • Teach operators how to avoid or minimize damage caused by unexpected release of hazardous materials or other liquids.
  • Include detailed training on excavation and construction site safety.

This training is designed to help our operators meet local and federal standards and onsite safety policies.

Some of Our Valued Team Members

  • Jason Williamson
    Founder / CEO
    (403) 333-7744
  • Ryan Olivier
    Vice President
    (403) 650-4884
  • Jolee Stang
    (587) 757-1000