Washing and Steaming Pipes and Lines Services

It might be routine, but make sure it’s done right.

If there’s a less exciting maintenance task than cleaning pipes and lines, we can’t think of it. But although it’s a routine task, it still has to be done. And there’s a faster, safer way to do it right.

Our hydrovac line washing and steaming service is designed to be easy on your budget and safe to the environment. It uses the unbeatable combination of experienced, certified operators, the latest hydrovac cleaning tools and safety-first work practices. The result: safe, affordable cleanup services that avoid harsh degreasers and slow application methods.

We are based in Calgary but answer calls throughout southern Alberta. We can typically dispatch a truck the very same day we receive your call.

We work for municipalities such as the City of Calgary, builders, oil and gas operators, utilities and earth-moving companies—anyone who wants to clean their utility lines and pipes quickly and safely.

Hydrovac Services Accelerate Washing and Cleaning Tasks

Steam cleaning is an excellent option for cleaning grease and oil from a number of surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals. Steam and hot water are highly effective to remove grime, encrusted dirt and other dried substances.

We use our all-in-one hydrovac trucks to provide a wide range of washing and steaming services:

  • High-pressure washing for cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • Washing construction and oil and gas
  • Cleaning oil, fuels and spills from industrial and commercial sites.
  • Using a vacuum system to collect and dispose of waste liquids and solids quickly and safely.

Each of our trucks uses a line washing and steaming system, which includes:

  • A Hotsy boiler. Adding it enables us to set an optimal water temperature that makes high-pressure cleaning of grease, grime and oils more efficient.
  • High-pressure water jets. We use hot, high-pressure water instead of degreasing chemicals, which can damage water quality and harm wildlife if it isn’t controlled.
  • Specialty spray tips designed to minimize cleaning time and maximize effectiveness.