Small Line Cleaning and Thawing in Calgary, AB

Don’t Let Frozen or Blocked Lines Slow Your Project. Thaw or Flush Blocked Pipes in Minutes with Hydrovac Excavation

Blocked or frozen pipes have stopped work on your site. It’s a common event, but this is Alberta. It might be months before soil and pipes will thaw on their own. You certainly don’t want to wait for warmer weather. But you don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting—and money paying—for a service, either.

Our hydrovac line flushing and thawing service is designed to be quick, safe and affordable. It combines the unbeatable combination of experienced certified operators, the latest hydrovac excavation technology and safety-first work practices.

We are based in Calgary but answer calls throughout southern Alberta. We’ll be on your site in an average of how many hours.

We work for municipalities such as the City of Calgary, builders, utilities and earth-moving companies—anyone who needs to have their utility lines and pipes flushed or thawed out.

Ice, Rock and Gravel Are No Match for Hydrovac Excavation

Small line flushing (also known as line jetting) uses high-pressure water forced through a nozzle on the end of a flexible line. Pressurized water breaks up blockages inside the pipe or line. Heaters onboard our tucks can also warm the high-pressure water to thaw and unblock frozen lines and pipes. In either case as the blockages and debris flush out of the pipe, the vacuum system sucks it away.

Line jetting can be used on sand, gravel and mud. Our hydrovac excavation system is proven effective on pipes from 3 to 6 inches wide and up to 300 feet long.

With the aid of onboard heaters, our hydrovac trucks provide a safe means of digging in frozen ground. They can excavate up to how many feet deep and at distances of how many feet from the truck, enabling work to be done in areas of limited access.

Clearing Blocked Lines, All Year Long

We use our versatile hydrovac trucks to provide a wide range of flushing and clearing services for:

  • Small-diameter sanitary and storm lines.
  • Residential and commercial floor drains.
  • Catch basins, manholes and culverts.
  • Leachate lines.

During cold weather, our services include

  • Excavating frozen ground with heated pressurized water.
  • Thawing frozen water or other lines.
  • Vacuuming solids, semi-solids and liquids flushed out of blocked pipe.
  • Digging trenches accurately to minimize the time and effort to finish the job.