Removal of Clean and Contaminated Soil Services

Soil contamination can delay your project for months. Hydrovac excavation can restart it in no time.

Construction project shutdowns due to soil contamination are common. All it takes is a valve left open, an unattended line or careless disposal of solvents, pesticides or heavy metal-laden fluids. Now, it’s happened on your site.

How long will it take to recover? You know that project delays can take months, and unplanned costs can be huge. But, there’s an efficient, affordable alternative to manual or backhoe soil removal.

Use our hydrovac excavation services to minimize the time and effort of removing and disposing of contaminated soil from your site. We use experienced operators, the latest technology and a safety-first work ethic to ensure that the process will be quick, safe and professional.

Restart Your Project Quickly and Safely

When you experience a spill or discover contaminated soil on your work site, you can trust us to correct the problem and restore your site to the way you want it.

Hydrovac soil removal and disposal is often the fastest, most efficient ways to move contaminated soil. Inertia hydrovac soil removal:

  • Avoids time-consuming digging and drilling methods, which delay oilfield operations or construction schedules.
  • Reduces unscheduled expenses to your project budget.
  • Minimizes immediate risk to people and the environment.

Our fleet of Tornado Hydrovac trucks are mobile, self-contained vehicles, which use tools that remove contaminated soil quickly and safely without having to actually dig through it.

  • A pressurized water system injects water into the soil with a wand that’s inserted into the ground. The result: a slurry of soil and water.
  • Powerful vacuum system sucks up the slurry and moves it to a debris tank

The system removes the soil safely. There’s no digging or drilling to make contaminants airborne.

Remove Clean and Contaminated Soil

More and more municipalities are mandating the use of hydrovac excavation rather than conventional digging to remove contaminated soil. Our team will:

  • Clean up spills that don’t require us to place placards on the trucks.
  • Clean up small fuel and oil spills.
  • Remove and dispose of contaminated soil, gravel, and other loose materials from oilfield sites, old gas stations and storage sites
  • Remove soil and aggregate from roads, fields, well sites, tank sites, and other work areas.
  • Remove soil for testing purposes