Potholing Services in Calgary, AB

Dig a Hole, But Do It Right with Precision Potholing Services

You need to dig a hole. But not just any hole, dug any which way. You have to find the right spot and dig it where there’s a tangle of cables, pipes and utility lines. You need to do the job quickly and precisely and not endanger worker safety or damage infrastructure.

Yes, that’s a tall order, but you can do it with a simple phone call.

Precision Excavation for Your Project

We are Inertia Hydrovac, a hydrovac digging and cleaning service. We provide potholing services throughout the Calgary metro area and southern Alberta. We work closely with construction companies, the City of Calgary and other municipalities, builders, utilities and earth-moving companies, anyone who needs to excavate utility lines, pipes and underground equipment.

Our services are distinguished by our industry’s most advanced equipment, experienced operators and safety-first procedures. We specialize in delivering services that are safe, fast and precise.

Many Names for One Essential Service

Although potholing also goes by other names such as hydrovac excavation and daylighting, it’s the same service. It’s a non-invasive form of excavation, where a high- pressure washer loosens dirt and debris from around underground utility lines, pipelines and equipment. After the washer does its work, an industrial-strength vacuum system removes the loose materials and takes it away from the worksite. Our potholing equipment can also be used for slot trenching, live line locates, flushing, and removal of contaminated soil.

Our utility potholing services give you more value than excavation with backhoes or shovels. That’s because our services are:

  • Our potholing services complete excavations in minutes rather than hours required by digging with shovels and backhoes. When you have a tight timeline for a digging or infrastructure repair job, we can deploy several hydrovac trucks to complete the job quickly and safely.
  • By avoiding pits, ladders and supports, our services help you avoid unsafe conditions and safety-related liability. We also avoid digging trenches with shovels and backhoes, which also poses safety hazards when workers dig around buried gas lines and pipelines. And, our truck operators learn and follow worksite best practices, which improve their performance and follow safety standards.
  • More precise. When potholing is done where lines and pipes are installed, precision is essential. By identifying target location and depth precisely and digging smaller holes, our services:
  • Promote worker safety.
  • Reduce change orders, claims for delay and the risk of damage to utilities.
  • Enable faster completion and lower operations costs.
  • Reduce the costs of environmental restoration.