Hydro Digging Excavation Services in Calgary, AB.

We’re Inertia Hydrovac, a Calgary – based excavation service. From Red Deer and throughout southern Alberta, we work with operators in oil and gas, construction and the public sector.

Our work combines advanced equipment, experienced operators and safety-centred procedures. We specialize in cutting the time, effort and frustration of excavation and utility line locates.

Safe, Dependable Excavation, When and Where You Need It.

When we show up on site, we bring more than just a truck. We have the skills and experience that get the work done right — the first time. To help us, we use the best equipment, methods and people.

Advanced Excavation Equipment that Cuts Time and Effort on the Job

We empower our operators with some of the most advanced hydro digging technology in the industry. Our Tornado™ Hydrovac fleet of trucks provides a proven platform, which delivers consistent, efficient results. Here are just some of the features that can save time and money on your job:

  • Wireless controls. Operators spend more time watching the job, not the truck.
  • Telescoping Topgun® boom system. Full articulating control gets suction where it’s needed.
  • Divided tank system. Keeps water and debris separate.
  • Heated van body. Keeps all critical components secure and working, even in the coldest conditions. There’s no downtime waiting for the weather to improve.
  • Articulating dump door. We don’t raise the tank to remove debris. So, there’s no risk of hitting power lines
  • Direct-driven, positive displacement blowers. The incredible vacuum power gathers and moves soil away from the trench, quickly and safely.
  • Water heater. Powers through frozen debris under any conditions
  • Tri-axle configuration. By carrying the heaviest loads, we spend more time excavating and less time dumping.

Our proven processes also help your project run more efficiently.

Safe, Efficient Processes that Save Time and Money

We understand that how we do things has a lot to do with the quality of services. So, we use the latest safety standards, best practices and plain old common sense to guide our work.

  • Fast/immediate response. When you call us for help. We won’t let you stand around waiting. Our operators can be dispatched, in most cases, the same day.
  • Equipment designed for speed and safety to operators and pipelines.
  • Safety is a priority: Our equipment is designed to keep workers safe. And, we employ a number of safety procedures for our employees and equipment.

Our Operators: The Cream of the Crop

We’re picky about who we hire — only the most experienced operators and support crew. You can trust them to show up on time and do the job right. Each member of our crews is ISNetWorld certified to assure you of the highest safety standards on your site.

These are just some of the ways you can reduce the time, costs and safety problems on your site.