Daylighting Excavation Services in Calgary, AB.

Our daylighting service use experienced, professional operators, the latest equipment and safety-first work rules. Use it to increase worker productivity, improve worker safety and reduce project costs.

A Non-Destructive Form of Underground Infrastructure Excavation

Exposing underground infrastructure has many names: daylighting, live line locates or potholing. It’s a specialized type of hydrovac excavation that uncovers live, out-of-service, or abandoned utility lines.

The job can mark a line and note its depth in a wider dig site. Or, it can uncover the entire length of a line to diagnose the location of a spill, leak or weak spots. Hydrovac daylighting is a non-destructive excavation method. Its key advantages are safety and speed.

This non-destructive method of excavation is becoming a best practice whenever underground utilities are congested or in frozen ground. It’s an important part of maintaining underground pipes, sewers and utility lines.

Fast, Safe Excavation for Southern Alberta

We serve customers in the Calgary metro area and throughout southern Alberta. Our daylighting services help municipalities as well as construction, utility and earth-moving companies minimize the time, effort and costs of earthmoving jobs.

Hydrovac excavation eliminates nearly all the downside of traditional daylighting. It:

  • Uses high-pressure water to cut through the soil quickly and precisely.
  • Provides a safe, non-destructive process that keeps workers safe.
  • Avoids damage to the surrounding soil as well as the underground facilities.
  • Reduces project costs by avoiding time and money allotted to restoration and repairs.

Inertia Daylighting Benefits

  • Saves time. How many percent faster excavation than hand digging. Also eliminates need for extensive backfilling.
  • Saves money. Avoids equipment and labor-related project costs.
  • Accurate digging. Trenches are cut too close tolerances, as little as x
  • No heavy earthmoving equipment. No risk of damaging underground utilities and moving more dirt than is necessary. Also reduces safety risk to workers.
  • No time-consuming hand digging, which boosts project costs. Also, hand excavation causes about 20% of all utility damage.
  • No cold-weather downtime. Circulating hot water heaters enable work in cold weather.

Discover how our services provide a more efficient, less time-consuming way to do daylighting jobs.