Fast, Safe Hydrovac Excavation and Daylighting

Reduce Industrial Health and Safety Risks Onsite

At Inertia, safety-conscious work practices are a pillar of our services. When combined with experienced operators and modern, highly capable equipment, these practices enable us to deliver excavation and cleaning services that are fast, efficient and safe.

Hydrovac equipment offers the advantages of drastically reducing:

  • Health and safety risks to onsite workers and people nearby
  • Injury to workers
  • Damage to local infrastructure or the environment

Built-in Safety Measures

Hydrovac excavation avoids many of the mishaps and costs of digging with shovels or heavy equipment:

  • Injury and death caused by cave-ins, falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and incidents involving mobile equipment.
  • Costs of inspection and corrective measures in daylighting and other excavation jobs.
  • Risk of injury in cluttered walking and working surfaces.
  • Exposure to high noise levels and hazardous liquids.

Much of this safety is built into hydrovac equipment. But we also rely on a vigorous, ongoing safety program to keep onsite workers and the environment safe.

A Multi-Layer Safety Program

We continuously work with customers and employees to develop safe work practices and improve our safety-first culture. From our most senior operator to the newest member of our crew, we make safety onsite and at our offices a common goal.

We do this by making sure that all employees have industry standard training, proper PPE and access to learning resources.

Our health and safety program includes,

  • Operator training. We maintain a full training program to ensure our operators are properly trained and brought into the Inertia safety culture. This program is required for all of our operators, who are trained to meet our safety requirements, Federal standards and individual client safety policies.

Each of our hydrovac operators undergoes training on the equipment they operate on a daily basis—before they are allowed to work on their own.

  • Environmental safety training. We teach operators relevant regulations and how to avoid or minimize damage caused by unauthorized release of hazardous materials.
  • Construction site safety. We also engage in detailed training related to excavation and construction site safety.
  • Waste management practices: When we send hydrovac operators onsite, you can be sure that they know local and state regulations related to disposing liquid wastes and handling hazardous materials.
  • Fleet maintenance. We keep our hydrovac trucks in peak condition. Our mechanics make sure that our trucks are always available and conform to federal and state safety standards.

And, Inertia is a member contractor of ISNetworld, your assurance that onsite health and safety are always on our mind.